3G Prelude Related Articles

I've started updating all of the old content through the articles that needed some serious attention. Please note that most of these listed aren't actually new, but those with the newer dates have been edited to take out some old and add in some new/more recent info. I'm trying to go through as well and update my email address in these articles, so for some, this will be the only change. I hope you all enjoy what you read and learn from the articles.

There are 25 articles at this time.....

Technical Articles Pertaining to 3G's

Here's one I personaly wrote up on lightening flywheels-Dustin Palmer 8/5/00
88 - 90 Prelude 2.0Si 4 wire O2 sensor conversion!-Tom Coleman 8/6/00
In-depth Breakdown of Suspension Terms-Brian Ferrari 8/7/00
Great explanation on how Sway Bars work and their many uses!-Brian Ferrari 8/7/00
Automatic/Manual Tranny part list and install information! Part 1-Dustin Palmer 12/31/00
Fuel Pump information for upgrades/installs Part 1-Dustin Palmer 1/20/01
HKS Turbo Timer Install (3G Specific)-Vince Barton 4/27/03
Complete MSD Ignition Install(3G Specific)-Dustin Palmer 1/20/02
MSD BTM to MSD 6AL Installation(3G Specific)-Dustin Palmer 4/24/03
3rd Generation Prelude Stage Tuning Recomendations - Dustin Palmer 11/11/02

Articles Pertaining to Fixing Problems

Bouncing Speedometer Needle/surge in Cruise control fix-Tom Coleman 8/6/00
Possible powersteering pump leak fix-Tom Coleman 8/6/00
*Leak/Fix impression-Dustin Palmer 10/15/00
2000-4000 RPM Exhaust Rattle Noise fix-Tom Coleman 8/6/00
The Truth About Crank Case Breather Filters-Dustin Palmer 4/27/03

Custom Performance Parts for your 3G

Polyurethane Anti-Sway Bar End-Link Bushing Upgrade!-Dustin Palmer 9/7/00
Polyurethane End Link Bushing Update!-Dustin Palmer 4/25/01
Polyurethane Lower Controler Arm Bushing Upgrade!-Dustin Palmer 3/24/01
Custom polyurethane engine mounts-Tom Coleman 11/28/00
*Engine Mount impression-Dustin Palmer 2/10/01
Custom high-flow catalytic converters coming soon! - Tom Coleman
Custom cold air intake for n/a 3G Preludes-Tom Coleman 4/27/03

Generic In-depth Technical Articles

Cam Timing vs. Compression Analysis-Panic 10/8/00
Connecting Rod vs. Stroke Effects-Panic 10/8/00
Port Area & Shape Analysis-Panic 10/8/00
Chamber Shape Breathing Improvement-Panic 10/8/00

There's always more to come, so please check back regularly.